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Are you ready for digital transformation?


Schools are digitally transforming, with online content and tools becoming increasingly central to achieving education outcomes. But all that transformation means greater complexity. Applications are moving to the cloud, reached via the Internet, and you don't control either. Cloud-based web apps are more bandwidth-hungry, and network usage needs to be controlled to ensure educational use is prioritized. And digital initiatives move faster than ever, while your resources are just as stretched. 


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Traditional monitoring and shaping doesn't cut it


The ability to see and control what's going on in this new, complex digital landscape is critical. The problem is that traditional network monitoring and traffic shaping solutions were made for a pre-cloud reality. Old, expensive, appliance-based solutions can't give you the visibility and agility you need to keep up with cloud, SaaS and Internet networks outside of your control. 



Three key questions you need to be able to answer


With digital enablement becoming central to education, it's no longer good enough to know if the network is up or down. You need to be able to answer three key questions:


1. What kind of user experience am I delivering for our key apps and how does that measure up against industry benchmarks?


2. Can I see and troubleshoot conditions across all the whole service delivery path, including internal network, firewalls, ISP and SaaS networks?


3. Can I get real-time insight into application and user-level traffic conditions fast, so I can solve all those intermittent issues?




Get app, network & Internet visibility plus traffic control


With Sinefa, you can see the user experience you're delivering for all your apps, how the network is serving those apps, solve network problems and plan capacity. You can monitor the entire network path of key applications and see whose network is causing problems (SaaS provider, Internet provider, your network) and escalate issues to the right provider with the evidence they need to help remediate your issues. You can then instantly turn visibility into highly accurate traffic shaping with a few mouse clicks. All in one, easy to deploy, cloud-based solution. 




Proven in K-12 Education


K-12 education customers like Pasco County Schools, Black Gold Regional Schools, and Oxford Falls Grammar Schools chose Sinefa because it is so fast and easy to get the visibility and control they needed. 


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Ready for modern visibility and control?

Sinefa makes it easy to get started and gain cloud-ready visibility and control over your traffic via a no-maintenance SaaS solution. Request a demo and we'll show you how much power you can gain, fast.


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