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Don't let lack of insight into Internet, endpoint device and wifi network issues impede you from supporting remote workforce productivity.

Sinefa Endpoint Agent offers powerful visibility into device, wifi and network paths to SaaS and internal applications.  Understand  user experience, solve problems fast, and keep employees productive and engaged. 

Enroll today and get both Endpoint Agent and Network Path Monitoring free for 90 days.

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Solve remote worker device, wifi and SaaS performance issues

Sinefa Endpoint Agent gives you visibility into device and Wifi health, and network paths from users to internal and SaaS applications, so you can solve remote user experience issues and keep your employees productive. 

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See every network like you own it

Network Path Monitoring measures the performance of the entire network path (hop-by-hop analysis) that network traffic traverses to go from the source (i.e., user location) to the destination (i.e., server IP address).  Network Path Monitoring tests provide insights and visualization to quickly troubleshoot issues; now you’ll know if the problem is with the office or data center network, a firewall policy misconfiguration, the internet or the SaaS/cloud provider. You'll have the network topology and performance management data you'll need to get external providers to solve problems and get application traffic flowing again.







Get Endpoint Agent and Network Path Monitoring free for 90 days

To help IT teams that are struggling to get the visibility they need to cope with these two sea change transformations, Sinefa is offering a 90 day free access program to two key aspects of Digital Experience Monitoring:  Endpoint Monitoring and Network Path Monitoring. Register by June 30, 2020.