Traffic Visibility & Control like never before

Deliver the best digital experience for staff & students


Continuous bandwidth upgrades are not enough to keep up with the demand which staff and students have for modern applications. At the same time the expectation of a great digital experience is greater than ever. 

Join IT teams from leading education institutions who are delivering great digital experiences in the classroom by simply understanding & controlling their network.


In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How to visualize all your application and user traffic with a easy to use SaaS based network solution
  • How to measure the digital experience of every user and application 
  • How to measure user uptake of new applications 
  • How your performance of SaaS applications like Office 365 or Google compares to your peers and best in class education institutions
  • Be proactive with effective traffic shaping to improve digital experience and reduce support tickets

Presented by:


Chris Siakos
Founder, Sinefa, Sinefa 

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